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Short Stories

"Coping with Common Garden Pests" - forthcoming from Unlikely Story

"Things You Can Buy for a Penny" (title not final) - forthcoming from Lightspeed

"Chapter One" - Daily Science Fiction, 2014

"The Beginning of Peace" - Unstuck 3, 2014

"Fruiting" - Gigantic Sequins 5.1, 2014

"Selling the Fall" - [PANK] May, 2013

"Caretaker" - Bourbon Penn 7, 2013

"Supranow" - Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure, 2013

"Things That Live and Seek" - Bartleby Snopes, 2012  (Also available in Bartleby Snopes Issue 9)

"In Great Leaps" - 3:AM, 2012 (Finalist in Gigantic Sequins 4.1 Flash Fiction Contest)

"One Afternoon of Knowing" - Metazen, 2012

"Wreck" - SmokeLong Quarterly #37and Smokelong Weekly, September 17, 2012

“We Went Missing in the Summer” – Housefire, 2012

“Cooper and the Satellite” – M-Brane Science Fiction #20, 2010 (Also available in M-Brane Quarterly #1)

“Eris Sinks Pluto,” Kaleidotrope #8, 2010 (Shortlisted for Best American Fantasy 4)

“Project,” Identity Theory, 2009


"Stage IV: The Metastasis of Snow, Cactus Flower" - Zouch Magazine, 2013

"The Future Is the Motherfucking Future" - Sundog Lit #1, 2012

"Open Letter to Jif" - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, 2012


"We Went Missing in the Summer" - coming soon from Litro Lab


"A Prayer for Those Perusing Souvenirs in Gas Stations and Truck Stops" - A Book of Uncommon Prayer (forthcoming)

UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission, with Daniel J. Glendening – Social Malpractice Press, 2012


Contributing Reviewer for Nerdspan.com (ongoing)

"Review of Don’t Kiss Me by Lindsay Hunter” - Heavy Feather Review

"Review of One, by Blake Butler and Vanessa Place, Assembled by Christopher Higgs” - Heavy Feather Review

What Has Four Legs and Loves You? George Singleton’s Stray Decorum" - Heavy Feather Review

An Insistence on Inquisition: The Inquisitor’s Tongue by Alan Singer” - Quarterly West #76

Every Morning a Different Universe: Charles Yu’s Sorry Please Thank You" - The Quivering Pen

A Strange Object Covered with Fur, or: Matt Bell’s Cataclysm Baby”Quarterly West #75, 2012